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St. Thomas Aquinas Looks Special on Senior Night

Josh Rivera tries to tear down the rim vs. North Brunswick

It has been quite some time since I last wrote up anything due to the season being in limbo with the ongoing pandemic, and not being able to get into the gyms as frequent as I would like, I have still been blessed to shoot a couple of games this season. Last season I followed St. Thomas Aquinas quite closely and there were a lot of questions of the upcoming season with studs Quadry Adams (Wake Forest) and Derrick Grant (Southern New Hampshire) moving on to their perspective schools.

Adam Silas adds a little “jelly” on his lay-up vs. North Brunswick

            Most of the time when you have a high major college level point guard, and a high energy “grab every rebound, dunk anything possible” big man your team would end up regressing, but it seems like they have done the exact opposite. Not only does it look like they can be the top team in the Greater Middlesex Conference, but definitely a top 10 team in the state. This team played so fluid against a solid North Brunswick team without, Robert Morris Commit Tristan Jeffries, and quite possibly the top junior in the state Jaquan Harris. With Adam Silas running the offense, Kyree Henry shooting from deep, and Joshua Rivera dunking everything. I really have no idea if there is another team in the state that can play with this teams depth.

Kyree Henry hits a layup vs. North Brunswick

            Samar Abdallah and Jalen Jones offer depth and quite frankly are interchangeable with every starter. I enjoyed watching this team play because they were unselfish, throwing lobs, moving the ball around, and playing great press defense they looked like they were just having fun. Maybe I am getting ahead of myself with how Coach Turco has been prepping his teams to be successful, but this team looks like the real deal. Unfortunately, the pandemic has robbed us of seeing this team potentially shock the state by going to TOC’s, but I believe they have the talent and skill to go toe to toe with the powers across the state. It just sucks we won’t be able to see St. Thomas’s dreams come to fruition

By Anthony Brooks

I have always followed high school sports specifically basketball in New Jersey. Mix that in with my love for sports photography, I thought this would be a place to write about some of my favorite players, teams, and moments.

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